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Greetings, I'm Ajani!

I'm a problem-solver and creative in NYC who's looking for work as a UX Writer

Words are powerful! And it's my job to use words along with empathy and design thinking to create wonderful user experiences. 
My writing skills are my sword and shield, which I have wielded in the name of trusted and useful products for over 
10 years as an award-winning editorwritermanga expert, and Japanese translator.

UX Case Studies

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UX Writing Practice

Daily UX Writing Challenge (WIP)

Short, daily prompts to keep my UX writing skills sharp. (Coming soon.)


Improving information architecture to make access to the Brooklyn Museum easier and more satisfying for average museum-goers.

An end-to-end design for a product that uses technology to make "music lessons that stick."

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Using heuristic analysis and other UX-related tools to recommend enhancements for a global CSA.

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