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Daily UX writing prompts for practice

Challenge 1: Canceled Flight

Scenario: A traveler is in an airport waiting for the last leg of a flight home when their flight gets abruptly canceled due to bad weather.

Challenge: Write a message from the airline app notifying them of the cancellation and what they need to do next.

Headline: 45 characters
Body: 175 characters max
Button(s): 25 characters max

My Entry

Flight Canceled

Sorry, but your flight has been canceled due to poor weather. We can’t change the weather, but we can find you a new flight with great perks. Speak with a gate agent or customer specialist for more information.


[Contact Us]


Time completed: 6 min. 30 sec.
Headline: 14 characters
Body: 173 characters
Button: 9


It was important to let to quickly let the customer know what happened, what can/can't happen, and what to do next. It was a challenge to do this in 175 characters or less, but my entry basically tells the customer that poor weather is the cause of their canceled flight and they can speak a representative to get a new flight with perks to soften the blow of the bad news.

Not knowing what the app or airline could actually do, I had to assume what was possible here, and I thought the most realistic scenario is one in which the airline would set the customer up with another flight but you would have to talk with a representative to get that and negotiate potential extras like a first-class seat, accommodations if there's no flight until the next day, or vouchers of some sort.

I also figured that if there were a button, it would be one to contact a representative, so a simple "Contact Us" made the most sense to me.